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Thursday, January 7, 2010

And I swore I wasn't going to do any squats until Jan. 25.

Boot camp doesn't start up again until January 25th. At the last day of boot camp in December I swore to God and everyone that I wouldn't even think about doing a squat until it started again in January. I could have kept that promise except that I couldn't make it to spin yesterday (student came in with a dire need for a letter of support). I didn't have any other time to make it to the rec before picking up the kids and I really didn't want to run on Wednesday since I was doing a tempo run today. So out came Jillian's Shred DVD - and therefore the squats.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling it.

But I made it through level 1 on the "Shred" without a problem. I could have done level 2 but I forced asked my husband to join me so we could suffer get healthy together.

Today was the tempo run. I didn't know if I'd have time at lunch so I left home early to hit the rec before work. I only had time for 3 miles (instead of the planned 4) but here are the results:
Mile One - warm up, first lap walking, 6 laps running (10:45 mm pace while running)
5 minutes for bathroom break, water, and stretching
Mile Two - 9:15 mm
Mile Three - 9:30 mm
One lap cool down - walking

I might have been able to go faster if I had been better hydrated or have eaten before running but right now I need to consider changing my goal for the 5k to 9:30 mm rather than a 9 mm. If I go faster great, but I think it's more realistic to think of a 29:30 minute finish time. That third mile was a struggle today - race day is always better but there will also be hills.

Just thinking out loud really...

The weather will still be gross on Saturday so I'm not sure I'll get a full 6 miles in since running indoors for that long is a bore. I might switch it up a bit and do 2-3 miles of running and some other cardio.


  1. I'm impressed!! I look forward to the day where I can even think about breaking into the 9 min. range. Keep it up!

    Waiting for dinner to settle and then I'll be busting out one of my DVD's...not sure which one yet. Turbo Jam for sure, but not sure which one....decisions, decisions....

  2. That is a great time for a 5K. Own that time and you will do great!