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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I sense a theme...

Yesterday I read Dean Karnazes's blog (ultra marathoner extraordinaire) on RunnersWorld.com: http://dean.runnersworld.com/ -see Jan. 10th. He wrote that America needs an epic wake-up call about health and obesity and that by setting an example of healthy living we can impact others around us. Many of the comments were rude and whiny - "I'm being picked on because I'm healthy" (seriously) but I agree with his position. It's just the execution that needs some work.

Then last night on Biggest Loser (http://www.nbc.com/the-biggest-loser/) Dr. H forced every contestant to look at the impact of their weight on their overall health and to stop being in denial or underestimating the impact of their lifestyles.

I know both sides of this issue - I know how annoying it is to be badgered about doing something to improve yourself when you're not ready to face the truth of the situation and I know how helpful it is to see a friend or relative making a change and then being encouraged to do the same for yourself.

As I wrote two posts ago, I didn't change my lifestyle until I was encouraged by my partner to do so. At times it was hurtful and frustrating but without that pushing I might have fallen back into complacency. However, the only person that is responsible for me is me. I'm the one that will have to choose to get off the couch and get on the treadmill. Or to choose a healthy dinner rather than a quick/unhealthy dinner. I can't compare myself to others that are better than I am but rather look at how far I've come and how much more I can do. I need to give myself goals and rewards for meeting those goals.

That being said I did force myself off the couch last night and got on the treadmill - although I had an unhealthy lunch - never claimed to be perfect. And I saw how eating a crappy lunch (Mexican - my weakness) impacted my run - a struggle to run two miles at an easy pace. But even though I wasn't happy with my run I would have been disgusted with giving myself another excuse not to do it.

Note to self - stop making excuses and justifications.

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