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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If I pimp it will they comp?

If only my blog had thousands of viewers then maybe I could get some free months from myfooddiary.com but alas there's only a few of you so I'll just show you out of the goodness of my own heart.

I'm showing you a good day because it's my blog and I can hide my bad days from you if I so choose...

They give you these same itemized details for every food item that you enter but at the end of the report you get your totals (which is the only part I copied). Things in green are good. Things in red are bad. Some days I have more red than green. If it's white it's just ok.

You also have these basic reports too which I love. Not included here are the calories you might burn in exercise (because I haven't exercised today). When you exercise you're allowed to eat more and they adjust your remaining calories for weight loss accordingly.
And lastly we have our smileys and frowns for extra motivation. I always get frowns for sodium because I eat packaged foods which contain more sodium. One day I might have more time and money to eat whole, organic, homemade foods. Until then it's Lean Cuisine for lunch.

It's a great tool for me to keep up with what I eat and making sure I have a well balanced diet - not just lower calories.

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