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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If only it would stay that way...

Part of the disastrous trip to Memphis was that my daughter came down with the stomach flu while we were on that trip. I waited all weekend for it to hit me but it never did. I thought I was safe after 72 hours had gone by.

But there is no escape.

It hit with a vengeance yesterday and I'm still recovering today. Good news is that I lost 6 lbs in 12 hours...

Wait is that good news?

Bad news is I know that that's not good news and just a desperate cry for my body to get its liquids back. But it was a pleasant thing to see the scale jump that quickly overnight. I just can't get sad when it floats back up.

So no exercise for yesterday or today (unless running back and forth from couch to bathroom counts as exercise). Maybe not even for tomorrow. I'm not pushing myself while I still get exhausted just from rising up from a chair.

Oh there is good news - I can go get a bagel and eat with no guilt.


  1. You are doing the right thing. Fuel up and hydrate as much as you can. Take the race slow for the first mile and see how you feel then!

  2. Ugh!!! Glad it seems to be on it's way out (no punn intended!!). Hopefully you'll be back to 100% by Saturday. But, it could take a good few days for your body to re-balance, to don't get down on yourself if you're not able to make your time goal on Saturday. Rooting for ya', girlie!!!