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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Last day of slacking off

It looks fantastic outside but looks can fool you. If I were a hardy mid-western type this might be perfect running weather but being a hardy southwestern type anything below freezing is mentally crippling to me. Then I got a cold and even though I know a good run can break up the crud in your lungs and make you feel better my head feels like fuzz so I look at my bed rather than the treadmill when I enter my room. What's funny is that I was more motivated to run outside last January but this year I have a block - maybe once I get past this Christmas laziness. :)

But tomorrow my schedule starts again. Aah the regularity of work and the comfort of a gym with multiple pieces of equipment to use. And less access to the pantry and the snacks it holds within.

But I like making plans (and then ignoring them - it's a sickness really) so here's my plan this week.

Monday - Utlitmate sculpt group class and ellipitical
Tuesday - 2 mile easy run
Wednesday - Spin
Thursday - 4 mile tempo run; 1 mile warm up, 2 miles at 9 min/mile pace, 1 mile cool down.
Friday - Utlitmate sculpt group class and ellipitical
Saturday - 6 mile long run, goal for 70 minutes
Sunday - rest or elliptical

And back to counting calories. The 5k is in 3 weeks and boot camp will start the following Monday after the 5k so January will be busy. I'll have to look through active.com to see what other races are going on this spring.

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  1. awesome! Looks like a great week!!

    I'm looking forward to my Total Body class starting back on the 12th!