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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday 1/11 - Work was too busy and I didn't motivate myself to do anything at home later that evening.

Tuesday 1/12 - Almost didn't do anything again but finally got on the treadmill for 3 miles - a little over 2 miles of running and the rest was walking.

Wednesday 1/13 - 4 Mile Speedwork - documented below.

Thursday & Friday 1/14-15 - No workouts, 9 hour round trip drive to Memphis, high stress and bad food.

Saturday 1/16 - 5 mile long run - documented below

Sunday 1/17 - Planned on Shred video but never got around to it.

Plans for this week:
Monday - 4 mile run (including 5k at tempo)

Tuesday - Friday - whatever cardio or group classes I can fit in. My goal is to exercise at least 2x but not to strain any muscles before the 5k.

Saturday - 5k race. Goal is to finish somewhere in the 28 minute range.

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  1. I am pumped to see how your race goes this Saturday. 28 minutes is a great time! Good luck!