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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obsess much?

Written on Monday but posted on Tuesday since weekly results came out on Monday.

I have the day off work but the daycare is still open so it's a true holiday - and much needed after our disastrous trip to Memphis a few days ago. Hubby and I dropped the kiddos off at daycare and wandered down to the Greenway to get a run in. I had originally planned on running in the afternoon - since it's in the 50's and sunny today but he wanted to get out there early. So instead it was still in the 30's and cloudy with lifting fog. It was cold and I found it very difficult to breathe. Hubby will be running the 5k with me this weekend but he's not trying for a specific time so I left him on his own for this last training run. I got through mile 1 in 9:15 but really and truly couldn't breathe and started to feel nauseated. So I gave myself two walking breaks on mile 2. I still ended up with just over 10 mm for mile two even with the walking breaks. I kept running for mile 3 except for walking up the bridge which was slick. I ended at 29:15. The total run was a little over 3 miles but probably not a full 5k. I wasn't thrilled with the time but it really isn't bad since I couldn't breathe and was still digesting breakfast. Race day will be an afternoon race and warmer (current predictions for 50's and sunny - a far cry from last year when the wind chill was in the 20's). I think I can get the 28 range on race day unless something goes wrong like a cramp or something.

Out of sheer curiosity, and a neurotic need to compare myself, I went to see if they still had last year's results for the Zoo Run Run on line. Last year my time was 31:09 and I was 34th out of 75 for my age group. If my goals hold (and everyone else runs their exact same times as before) I could be closer to 15th this year which is really cool to me. I also saw that the only way to actually win an award in the race is for me to run with the 0-9 age group. Not so cool but amusing to think about.

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  1. Everyone has a tough run from time to time. Tomorrow is another day and you have a clean slate. Set some goals for the run and get out there and do it! You will do great...