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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Outside again!

Decent temps today so I got outside despite the occasional light rain. I went 5 miles to get a total of 12 miles this week. Here are the splits:

1st mile: 9:45
2nd mile: 9:45
3rd mile - first half 4:05, second half 6:00 (include 3 minutes of walking)
4th mile - 10:05
5th mile - 10:00
Total: 49:55

I was very pleased with this run. It was supposed to be an easy run and I really had planned on running 11 mm but I felt good and didn't want to slow down. By the end when I was ready to slow down I was more motivated to try and finish on a 10 mm pace. I've never gone that far at that pace before so I was very pleased at my progress and the strength/endurance I've gained.

It's supposed to be nice on Monday again so I'm going to run outside once more. I think I'll go about 4 miles but have a 1/2 mile warm-up and cool down. The other three miles I'll try to go at my 5k pace. Then I won't run again until Saturday's 5k. I'll do other cardio but I'll give all my joints a break (though right now they feel ok).

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