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Monday, January 25, 2010


Weekly Results 1/18-1/24
Monday - a little less than 5k run on greenway, 29:15'ish
Tuesday-Thursday - stomach flu and recovery
Friday - 1 mile, inside track at rec - 10 mm'ish
Saturday - 5k at 28:43 and then 2 mile walk
Sunday - 40 min on elliptical for 500 calorie burn, 20 minutes on weights (arms, legs, & abs)

New Schedule
Another goal down and it's time to start thinking about what to do next. As I mentioned in the race post we are considering a 15k race but that's more than 10 weeks away and I can already run 9+ miles so the training would just be for speed and I'm still considering whether I'd run this for speed or run it with my husband for a sense of partnership and having fun.

I received some work emails last week that asked us to be more careful with our time (budget cuts looming) so I don't have the same flexibility of getting to boot camp everyday at lunch. Since I would only be able to do boot camp 3x a week (at best) I decided not to spend the $50 when I could fit in similar classes for $1 each as needed.

A rough weekly schedule might look like this:
Monday - Spin class
Tuesday - 2-3 mile easy run at home while watching Biggest Loser
Wednesday - Butts & Gutts class & elliptical
Thursday - Tempo or Speed work (4-7 miles)*
Friday - Elliptical & yoga class
Sat/Sun - long run (6-10 miles) &/or elliptical and weights

I've plotted it out on a spreadsheet to make sure my weekly mileage doesn't increase too quickly and all that jazz. I'll also have a rest day once a week (most likely more than once a week once we join the world of reality rather than planning). The hard part will be Thursday's runs. I'll have to do them right after work or in the evening and after dinner my motivation to exercise is gone. So I might switch things up on different days to make sure I get those tempo/speed runs in.

I still have the weight loss goals and will strive for 1-2 lb a week so I'm still tracking calories on http://www.myfooddiary.com/. It was really nice to see that scale jump down so low last week after my bout with the stomach flu. I felt positively skinny for a few days but of course with normal food and water intake it's gone back up. Overall though I have lost weight over the past couple of weeks - down 2 lbs since I last mentioned it. I have to remind myself that slow and steady is a good way to go.

Lastly I will give a public warning about frozen Pillsbury home-style biscuits. I picked some up the other day without looking at the nutritional content (thinking they would be the same as the canned stuff) but they have a load of trans fat in them. I know biscuits in general are not great for you but I like them as a every once in a while thing. I will be going back to the canned (or homemade) version after this. It's a shame though because the frozen ones were REALLY good. So fluffy and warm.... Stinkin' trans fat.

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