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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Speedwork results

Boring post - just going to write my results so I can review them later...

1.15 mile warm up, (7 laps) 1st lap walking, 6 laps jogging -didn't keep time but it was around 11-12 minutes total.

Enter - mental math breakdown. I thought a 9 mm pace would be that each lap was 1:15 but it turns out that 1:15 times 6.5 laps is just over 8 mm - no wonder I felt like dying.

3 laps (approx 1/2 mile)- 3:30
1/2 lap walking & 1.5 laps jogging
2 laps - 2:30 (about to die)
Took a short break and went to the treadmill to finish the last 2 miles.
.10 miles walking at a 3.0 speed
.50 miles at 8:54 pace
.25 miles at 12:00 pace
.70 miles at 8:54 pace (to make up for not getting a full three laps on the second attempt)
.7 miles walking
.25 miles at 12:00 pace
.13 miles walking

So I got through 4 half-miles at a 9:00 pace - more or less. I definitely need better math skills or should carry a calculater with me when I run.

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  1. well done!! The fact that you were able to even sustain TWO laps at that pace is awesome!!!