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Friday, January 29, 2010

Warrior Pose

A few years back my roommate and I decided to do yoga together. We went down to Walmart (or Target) and browsed their DVD's and found a series by Rodney Yee. This really was my first encounter with yoga and I was completely amused by the amount of times he made us do the ridiculously named "Downward facing dog" pose. Then he started getting into some "are you freakin' kidding me?!" poses that only Cirque De Solei members can preform. There was also much discussion on certain parts of his anatomy... We used it for a couple of weeks and the fascination passed.

Flash forward to last year and I decided to try yoga again. It was after I showed up for an early morning Spin class where I was the only member. This was at the beginning of my exercise program and my first time in a full spin class. The trainer had all her focus on me and wouldn't let me cheat with light brakes. I almost had a heart attack that day. She guilted me into staying for yoga and I entered with trepid heart remembering Yee's moves and the fact that I was already a sweaty quivering mess. But this wasn't power yoga it was nice peaceful, stretching yoga and I entered into a newfound respect for it. No disrespect for Mr. Well Endowed Yee - we probably just started off with the wrong set of DVD's.

Today was a great example of how much I love it. For 45 minutes I didn't think about work or my wishes for a snow day (which magically came true during class). I just stretched and breathed and was happy to be there. It was a great stretch through my hip flexors which really need it. I hope to keep this on my Friday schedule and possibly on Wednesday nights too.

No long run this weekend because of the snow. The rec center will stayed closed tomorrow but if it opens on Sunday I'll go for another elliptical and weight workout.

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