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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekly Results 1/25-1/31

Results -
Monday 1/25 - 35 min elliptical
Tuesday 1/26 - Nothing
Wednesday 1/27 - 20 min running, 30 min Butts & Guts
Thursday 1/28 - 2 mi quick run at rec (20:00)
Friday 1/29 - 15 min elliptical, 45 min yoga, 20 min shoveling
Saturday 1/30 - Carb fest and no exercise
Sunday 1/31 - Snow shoveling, 1 hour on treadmill: 5 minutes warm-up walk (3.0), 10 min at 5.0, 10 min 5.5, 10 min 5.0, 15 min 5.5, 5 min 5.0, 7 min cool down (3.0) = 5 miles
Total Miles this week - 9 miles

Next week's plan -
Monday - Spin
Tuesday - 3 mile easy run on treadmill
Wednesday - Butts & Guts and Yoga
Thursday - 5 mile tempo run
Friday - Elliptical and Yoga
Saturday/Sunday - long run 8 miles, rest (in whatever order is best)

I may not do everything on the list - getting workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays are difficult because of my work schedule and lack of motivation when I get home but we'll see how I do.

Last week gave me a 2 lb weight loss and I hope to get another 1-2 lbs this week. My diet has not been great lately but whenever I splurge I try to balance it either later on that day or the next. Such as today we had lunch at Moe's so for dinner I just had a salad - with the exercise my calories were fine for today though my saturated fat was a bit too high. :) Saturday's forced stay at home day (roads were covered in ice) led me to bake bread and cinnamon rolls and eat a good portion of them. But I had loads of energy for my run today... Oh well - it's not like I want to feel like I'm deprived of anything. What's more important is finding the balance. We are cutting more red meat from our diet and I'm trying to buy more organic as well. I have a long way to go before I can call myself "green" but it does make me feel better to buy eggs that come from "vegetarian" chickens - can you believe there's any other kind (besides a normal intake of bugs)? Gross.

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