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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Don't select the "Fat Burn" option on the bikes - just don't do it!

Cardio, cardio, and why the heck not - more cardio

Was the theme of last night's workout. Now that I know what a "brick" is I thought it would be a fun thing to do. I've kind of done it before, and also this time - I just didn't know I was doing them thus the randomness of it all. This also wasn't technically a brick workout but it had some of its elements.

Part one:
30 minutes on the stationary bike which I first put on "Fat Burn". This is where it will increase the level of the bike depending on your heart rate. It gave me a target heart rate of 125. I pshaw'd that and upped it to a target heart rate of 150. Well it got me back by putting me on a level so hard that I might as well have been trying bike straight up.

I hit the clear button and just put it on hills and increased my level when appropriate. I got through 7.25 miles in 27 minutes (16.11 mph). I didn't really think about achieving a certain distance so this definitely wasn't a full out effort for the whole time.

Part two:
After I got off the bike and assured my pelvic region that daily bike rides were out of the question I then went to one of the CRAPPY ellipticals (the good ones were taken) and did another 30 minutes on that at various speeds.

Part three:
It just didn't feel like it was enough so after getting some water I wandered over to the track and decided to do just one mile. Ended up being a 9 minute mile - not too shabby after the previous hour of cardio.

Sadly, not enough to reverse the damages of my earlier binges but at least it helped. Tonight I'll see about getting on the treadmill but I probably won't do a speed or tempo run since it will be my third day in a row of running - don't want to end up harming myself when it's more important to have cardio than speed.

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