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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jessica's Triple Play

I did three fitness classes yesterday - in a row. They all focused on different parts of the body and none were cardio based so really it isn't all that impressive but it was fun. All three were taught by the same trainer that taught the lunch time boot camp classes last semester (and the spin class that almost killed me). She's tough but delightful.

Arms (4:15-4:45): Done with hand held weights. I took a pair of 8 lb'ers since it had been a few weeks since my last arms class. There were some moves that I could have used a 10 lb set but my triceps were screaming with the 8's. Today my biceps and triceps are pretty sore so I think it was a smart move to stick with the 8's.

Butts & Guts (5:00-5:30): This class incorporates a lot of crunches, planks, and other Pilates moves. We did some squats too last night. I still have a problem getting all of my shoulder blades off the floor while doing crunches. My abs are probably my weakest set of muscles (thus the inclusion of Butts & Guts to this semester's workout schedule).

Yoga (5:45-6:30): This was like the ice cream treat at the end. I asked her to include loads of pigeon poses and she complied. I'll get those hip muscles stretched out yet! When she asked us to envision the color that represented our souls and let that color radiate around us I thought of this one:
I certainly hope that was what radiated around me because I was pretty sweaty at that point.

Then I drove home and stopped at Publix to pick up my new favorite salad mix: True Blue. It has some blue cheese in it but not so much that you ruin your diet. It also has a bit of dried fruits, pecans, and a vinaigrette dressing. I ate the whole darn bag I was so hungry (only 340 calories total). I also picked up some sushi because it just sounded so good.

Tonight I'll try to get a 2-3 mile easy run in on the treadmill. It just depends on how I feel by 8 pm tonight. At least I can watch Biggest Loser while I'm on it.


  1. Holy crap that is a tough workout schedule? All that and a treadmill run? You are really going for it!

    And I hope the red team gets axed tonight. I don't like it when people use the excuse of "honesty" to be just plain rude.

  2. Karma will get them in the end. They're screwing themselves with game play. They'll be eliminated first if they ever fall below the yellow line. And if they do win I don't think they're actually "learning" anything so the weight will come back. I wonder what their inner color would be?