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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

Three days of heavy leg/cardio workouts are enough.

To review... Saturday was the 6.5 mile run, Sunday the mini-brick, and Monday was a 1/2 hour of spin. Spin was not in my original plans for the day - was going to go to the Arms and B&G class to shake things up a little but the daycare has decided to close early because of concerns of ice on the road. So instead I left work early to pick the kiddos up and to have time to actually cook the steak dinner that was supposed to be our Valentine's dinner.

Spin was good but I was extremely thankful that it was just a 30 min class instead of the 45 min one. I also was sporting the classy look of rolled down knee highs under my shoes since I forgot socks. Nice!

Today is supposed to be a 2-3 mile easy run but 1) I'm hosting a Mardi Gras party so I can't do my treadmill run while watching Biggest Loser (actually have to check if that's on since the Olympics are on) and 2) my legs need a freakin' break!

I'm taking part of today off from work so I'm considering a swim at the rec center. It would let me use different muscles but still have cardio. If not I'll do some elliptical and weights.

**Edit - I ended up doing 35 minutes on the elliptical and a 2 mile run at 20:30.

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