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Friday, February 12, 2010

Riding on my BICYCLE

I used to love riding my bike. I would zoom on my 3-speed all around my neighborhood and imagine I was in a different world. And then my parents moved me to the desert. A place where your bike literally melted if you left it out in the sun (or became so hot that you would get 3rd degree burns by touching it).

But recently I've been wanting to ride again. I would like to consider a mini-tri at some point in the near future but not being recently experienced on a real bike I first need to get used to riding again.

I need a shout out what kind of bike I should look to buy. Keep in mind that I haven't ridden a bike since I was 14'ish and I'm not looking to win any races - just not be laughed at by having a completely inappropriate bike. I "googled" what kind of bike should I get and liked the idea of a hybrid but once again I don't know if that would be a good choice. I want something that I can use on a regular basis and a race - I'm only buying one bike. According to the "sizing guide" on About.com I would need a frame of 17-19 inches. And preferably I would like to spend less than $300. Am I asking too much of a bike?

So those of you who are all knowing about bikey kind of things... What should I look at?

FYI: I found a local tri that looks just right for my 1st time:
McMinnville City Triathlon
COURSE DESCRIPTION: 200 Meter swim / 10.5 mi bike / 2 mi run
*And it's an outdoor pool swim!! No nasty lake water!

I scanned through the results from last year and they don't look too intimidating - I guess because this really is focused on newbies.

**Also be sure to check back in on Sunday for my Valentine greeting to all of you. Though it might not be appropriate for all viewers (especially those that fear leg warmers)...

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  1. I agree I think pool swims are great for triathlons, especially a first race! There's a few guides & discussion in active.com's triathlon community about buying a bike.

    For years I rode my Trek mountain bike in triathlons. Now I have a giant compact road bike, simple, but it works. My hubby has a FELT.

    I hope your training goes well!
    :-) Sara