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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Running: Scarlett O'Hara Style

First things first:
I finally asked Jessica (the trainer for most of the classes I go to) to check my form while doing crunches to see how much farther I needed to "crunch" up. Remember this post from JUNE!? Procrastinate much? Turns out I am going high enough. Thank God. I didn't know how I'd ever get up higher. This doesn't mean that I now have stomach muscles of steel it just means that I won't beat myself up over the fact that the absolute bottom of my shoulder blades aren't coming off the floor. There's still plenty else to work on.

I don't feel as bad after yesterday's Triple Play as I did a couple of weeks ago when I did it. I think I over did it that first time - something hurt in my right bicep for days. But this time I feel a little soreness but not too sore.

More importantly:
This is the first day of sunshine and the temps are actually in the 50's. I started to sweat a little in my coat while walking across campus rather than curse the weather and its bitter cold temps. I hope to get a run outside after work but I still may be forced to treadmill it tonight - it all depends on when the hubby gets home and if there's still daylight out there. If I can't get outside today then I will ditch yoga tomorrow and run outside. This weekend the weather will turn bad once more and "as God as my witness I will run in the sunshine again!" (quoth she in Scarlett O'Hara style)

Or as an alternative to the original "Gone with the Wind" please enjoy these classics:

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