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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wait, what?

I wasn't able to get out of my office in time for the 4:15 arms class so instead I did some cardio before the B&G class. All the ellipticals were taken (4:30 is the prime workout time for college students apparently) so I went to the indoor track. I wasn't aiming for any specific time but just started my rounds. I hit a grove and was pleased to notice I did mile one in about 8:45. I slowed down after that but kept running. Well I guess I picked up the pace again because I got through 2 miles in a total time of 17:30. There is always a chance that I missed counting a lap (after so many circles -13 total for 2 miles- it's easy to miscount) but I'm pretty sure the time is accurate which makes that the fastest time I've ever done two consecutive miles. I stopped after 2 miles, plus 2 walking laps, so I could cool down before my class. I was pretty sweaty and out of breath.

B&G focused more on the buttocks this time around (though there were still a lot of crunches) and my legs were cramping up but it was a good workout. My arms are still sore from Monday's arm class.

I'm not sure if I'll get any running in today - we'll see how I feel towards the treadmill tonight. But tomorrow will be elliptical and yoga as planned. Weekend weather will be wet so no long run this weekend but I'll get a gym workout instead. I'm ready for sunny/dry weather again.

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