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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekly Results 2/15-2/21

Results -
Monday 15: 30 min spin class
Tuesday 16: 35 minutes on the elliptical and a 2 mile run at 20:30
Wednesday 17: Triple Play (30 min Arms, 30 min B&G, 45 min yoga)
Thursday 18: 5 miles on treadmill, 60 minutes
Friday 19: 45 min yoga
Saturday 20: 5.75 mile long run (life happened and I didn't have enough time for a longer run. I thought I was at 6 miles but it turns out I was a bit under).
Sunday 21: Rest and play
Total Miles: 12.85
Pounds lost: 1 (well like 3 if you count the 2 I put on last week with my chocolate binge but there was also bloating issues too)

Monday - spin again (am trying to build up my biking muscles)
Tuesday - will be out of town but I might be able to squeeze a 3 mile easy run in
Wednesday - triple play or cardio + B&G + yoga
Thursday - 5 mile speedwork (booooo)
Friday - cardio & yoga
Saturday/Sunday - long run (8 miles) and rest (once again in the order of better weather)
Total Miles: 17

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