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Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekly Results (if you can call it that)

Results Feb. 8th - 14th
Monday 8th - Nothing. Could not get out of my slump for spin or anything else.
Tuesday 9th - 4.5 miles on the treadmill
Wednesday 10th - Bike, Elliptical, 1 mile Run (details below)
Thursday 11th - Nothing
Friday 12th - V-day lunch with my hubby so no yoga
Saturday 13th - 6.5 mile run on Greenway (actually braved the cold since it was dry and not windy), didn't time it but it was somewhere around 1:10.
Sunday 14th - An intense 80's style workout, leg warmers included. Then 10 miles on the stationary bike, level 10 with hills = 31:43 (18.92 mph). Followed by 2 miles at 17:56 (8:58). And lots of stretching.
Total Mileage: 14 miles

Schedule 15-21
Pretty much the same as last week's plan (not the actual results). I'll try to get to 16-17 miles this week as I build back my mileage at a reasonable pace.

Saturday's run was good but knocked me out afterwards. I kept running for the whole time. Not one walking break. I kept the pace steady and slowed down if I started to feel out of breath. I forgot a watch and my cell phone was dead so I'm estimating my time as somewhere around 1:10 based on the times I remember on my car clock when I started. It was cold but not too cold. Most of me warmed up after 1 mile - except for my rear. It felt frozen the whole time. I was very chilled when I got home though. Can't wait for higher temps again. Sunday's forecast is more snow. Hooray...

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