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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why my abs are my weakest muscles

Tonight I'll do "Arms" and "B&G" again but no yoga (scheduling conflict with the hubby). On Monday between the B&G class and yoga I had a discussion with a coworker why I thought my abs were my weakest muscles.

I give you evidence samples 1 & 2:

1st Pregnancy, September 2005 (9 lbs 6 0z)

2nd pregnancy, December 2007 (9 lbs 12 oz)

Frankly I'm surprised I have any muscles left under there... I have almost zero lower ab muscles; I'm a little scared that they're stretched beyond recognition or repair.

Side note - congrats to me! I got my 2 mile easy run in last night on the treadmill while watching B.L.

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