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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Complete self-indulgence

Not only lunch at La Siesta - even though I had so carefully planned out my calories and exercise for today (yeah that all turned to crap in a chip saturated heartbeat).

But I spent a fun-filled Tuesday night with the self-timer on my camera!!

I told you I had some muscles. BTW that's just a dark shadow under my arm - I swear I shave my armpits on a regular basis. I still have some chicken wings underneath but they're WAY less than they were before.

Told you I had legs - I knew there were some doubters out there... Okay this picture doesn't prove much muscle wise BUT I can see where my quads have developed and my calves are more defined... And that I still don't get enough sun on my legs.

Sucking in a little (I'm nothing if not honest) but when you compare this year and last year you'll see a difference (please note and feel free to comment on the slight indentation under my deltoids - tee hee!).

I hope you see a difference - there's a good 15 lb difference between the two pics. If I were a braver soul I'd show you my abs and that you can actually see definition under the pouch that still remains. I'm not sure I'll ever get rid of that post-baby pouch so I'm becoming more accepting of the idea of liposuction and tummy tucks (I won't ever actually get any but I'm just more accepting of it).

Tomorrow is my last arms class. Sigh. I know what to do and have weights at home but it won't be the same.

Allow me a little rant

If you read my results you'll see I did a brick workout on Sunday. This has become my favorite cardio workout. It's harder than a long run but somehow much more satisfying - probably because it uses different muscles. But I was a bit peeved when I started my workout.

I had to use the recumbent bike. Oh the horror! The shame! The delightfully soft cushion on my bottom! So it wasn't all bad...

I know it's first come, first serve at the gym so I can't complain that people grabbed the "real" stationary bikes before me. My complaint was that the two stick-thin 18 year old sorority sisters who grabbed the "real" bikes were reading text books and pedaling at about 50 RPM's. Good on them for combining studying and semi-exercising but get on the sissy bike if you're going to do that.

Oh well, now I can combine my righteous anger and my gloating for totally kicking their butts with my exercising efforts on a recumbent bike no less.

I also deserve props for not yelling out to both girls that were next to me that they were wasting their time with their sissified pedaling. It's hard enough to burn calories on the bike (compared to running the same amount of time). It's a complete waste of effort to pedal at 50 RPM for 20 minutes (at least at their health and age). Or maybe they needed yelling at...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekly Results - 3/22-28

Monday - 23 min elliptical (300 calorie burn), 30 min arms
Tuesday - 33 min treadmill = 2.75 miles
Wednesday - 12 min on inside track = 1.25 miles (wanted to even my #'s from Tuesday) and 30 min B&G
Thursday - Nothing
Friday - 40 min of elliptical (500 calorie burn)
Saturday - 6 mile long run, 1:09 total time which included a bathroom break, mm avg about 10:00.
Sunday - 34 min stationary bike (level 10, interval hills = 10 miles), 30 min track (3.25 miles, including cool down walk)
Days: 6
Miles: 13.25
Minutes: 267
1 pound lost

Monday - if Arms is offered I'll do it, if not then 30 min elliptical and maybe B&G depending on family schedule
Tuesday - 2 mile easy run on treadmill at home
Wednesday - elliptical, B&G, and yoga
Thursday - 4 mile tempo run
Friday - 30 min elliptical
Saturday - (weather permitting) 9 mile long run. Will try to keep 11 mm avg
Sunday - if I got all my exercise in for the week I'll rest. If I slacked off on one of those days I'll do a rec center workout like elliptical and weight machines.

Est Miles: 15

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thus far...

End of another week - I always count Sunday as the end of the week though I guess it's technically the beginning. I hit a slump towards the end of this week and even though my calories didn't go crazy I don't think I'll get that 2 lb weight loss. I'm not weighing until tomorrow since I forgot to weigh first thing this morning. I've gotten in my workouts this week but won't get to 300 minutes total. I'm not too worried about that for my month's goals since I've been above 300 for the past couple of weeks. I just started feeling exhausted around Thursday and work is getting into a busy season so fitting in 60 min workouts will be more difficult.

I got a semi-long run yesterday. For my race prep it should have been longer but I only had time for 6 miles. I had to work yesterday morning and told the husband I would be home by 2 pm. I didn't bring a watch with me but I really tried to pace myself. Turns out I suck at pacing myself without a watch. I got a little over 3 miles and took a bathroom break and heard a kid say the time which AFTER my bathroom break put me at running about 5k in 32 minutes. So I was definitely going under 10 mm for that first half. No wonder I felt worn out. I finished with about 10 mm avg but to get through the whole 15k I'll need to be better about sticking above a 10 mm avg. I'd rather start off with 10:30 avg and end faster for a negative split. I must get a 9 mile run in next weekend. I need to remember how 9 miles feels before I go to the race. Also the wind was awful yesterday. It stinks to be so excited about a warm/sunny day and then to go outside and be blown over by 20 mph gusts.

Today has been spent cleaning house but later this afternoon I'll get to the rec center for a bike/run brick. I had bike envy yesterday on the Greenway. I hope I can look at bikes again in April but our paycheck has already been dedicated for a couple of other things so I'm not sure I'll be able to buy the bike quite yet.

I'll try to do spin tomorrow but I have a feeling I won't be able to get out of my office at lunch. So it will probably end up being elliptical and maybe B&G if the hubby can pick up the kids. Sadly the turnout for my Arms class has been very low recently so she may be canceling that class. So BUMMED. I really like how my arms are shaping up and prefer the discipline of the class rather than doing weights on my own.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

So close, yet so far away

Two pounds to go until I hit the "20 lbs lost since November" milestone. Still another 11 lbs until I hit my goal weight. Two lbs or even eleven lbs to go really isn't that bad considering that over the past 6 years I've lost 70 pounds (if you don't count the regains and losses after the two pregnancies). Seventy pounds - just crazy. I actually hadn't realized that I just hit that mark this past week. I was too focused on that 2 or 11 loss still to come.

Sometimes I think that 165 (my goal weight) is still too heavy. Now that I'm closer to it and I see parts of my body that I still think are too big or need improvement. I think - well maybe 150 is a better goal? Given than I'm 5' 9" I can carry those pounds easier than someone that's smaller. If you would have asked me at 246 (size almost up to a 20) what I thought I would feel like at 176 (size almost down to a 10) I probably would have answered something along the lines of "super modelish" but I don't feel that way. And I don't like that I don't feel that way because it discounts the hard work and effort that I have put into this journey. I certainly appreciate the way I fit into my clothes and the fact that I don't have to suck in my stomach quite as much as I used to - but then silly ol' me starts focusing on a jiggle or some cellulite and I lose the other appreciation.

But what does give me extra motivation right now is being so close to that "2 lbs until 20" mark. I just said no to dessert; I said no to the sausage biscuit and mayo on my sandwich at lunch. I'm keeping myfooddiary.com religiously up to date and tracking every calorie to make sure that I'm getting enough calories but sticking at a pace to lose 1.5 lbs a week. I made myself get on the treadmill last night because I had to burn some calories. So I have motivation this week. I hope even by Sunday to report that I hit my goal (though it might take longer and that's okay).

Then I'll only be 9 lbs away from the magic number that puts me in the "normal" range of a BMI scale. Even if I feel 165 is too big I can no longer be called overweight. I can start eating and exercising to maintain my weight and just gain overall fitness rather than constantly being focused on "having to lose weight." Just the thought of that brings tears to my eyes since I've spent the last 20 years feeling like I had to lose weight. Twenty years is too damn long to feel that way. So wish me luck over the next few weeks because I want this stage to be over.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pressuring myself

I don't want to run tonight on my treadmill. I mean I really don't want to. But I should. So I'm posting on here that I should and thus will have to face my own pressure if I end up deciding to be a wuss. I mean it's not like I'm even doing a whole lot - just two stinkin' miles.

But I have to wait until the husband comes home before I can get on the stupid treadmill. Let's hope I have keep the pressure on for another 30 minutes.

***I got my time in - 3 min walking at 3.0, 2 min jogging at 5.0, 20 min at 6.0, 3 min at 5.0, 5 min at 3.0. Total distance 2.75 miles in 33 minutes.
Today's temptation is a sausage biscuit. So far I'm doing good resisting it - so not worth the extra cardio to work it off.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Results 3/15-21

Results -
Monday - 30 min spin, a few minutes of arm weights at home in the evening
Tuesday - Nothing
Wednesday - 30 min spin at lunch, triple play (Arms, B&G, Yoga) after work (105 min)
Thursday - 4.4 mile run, 45 minutes
Friday - Yoga 45 min
Saturday - 7 mile run, 70 minutes
Sunday - 40 min elliptical, 20 min weight machines

Miles - 11.4 miles
Days - 6
Minutes - 385

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why must biscuits be so bad for you?

When they're so delicious? Even the reduced fat ones are awful. I've had to scramble to get my daily intake of nutrients right after having 2 this morning (and a piece of cake at a party). You would think burning almost 1000 calories on a 7 mile run would allow you that piece of cake but myfooddiary.com had many red categories even though my overall calories were ok. Just goes to show you that tracking your whole diet rather than just calories is important for your health and weight loss. So intead of some yummy breaded fish for dinner I had to go with a turkey burger - still good but I think I would have rather had the fish than the cake (which wasn't very good).

I meant to go at least 8 miles today but before I started my run I had to return Schwinny (sad tear). There was a line at the return's counter at Wally World so it took me longer than I had planned. I had to get back home to get ready for above mentioned birthday party so I cut my run a little short. I started my run in an area where I knew the distance but it's not marked so I wasn't able to track my pace until I got onto the Greenway. From there I was running about 10 mm but I think I was a little faster than that for my first 3 miles. I ended with an average of 10 mm and that included 2 water breaks and a couple of short walking breaks. I was pretty tired but I think it bodes well for the 15k. I definitely could have gone for 2 more miles but I may have slowed down some more.

Friday, March 19, 2010

What my newly defined arm muscles are really for...

I had to rush from my car to my office holding about 18 tons worth of crap and balancing a cup of coffee in a leaking to-go cup in such a way that it wouldn't drip all over my 18 tons of crap. I was feeling the burn by the time I made it to my office. Definitely one of those isometric holds.

But I really do have more defined muscles in my arms (no pics to prove it but you should believe me - I'm not generally a dishonest person). I've moved up to the 10 lbs for all the exercises in my arms class - though some moves are much harder than others. My biceps could do more - after all I lug around a 36 lb two year old for half the day so I've built up those muscles over time.

This week I've kept the same schedule as my previous weeks. It's been warmer but no sun until yesterday. I did get outside for a 4.4 mile run yesterday evening and it was lovely. I just ran around my neighborhood which can be annoying because I always overestimate my distance. Like last night I was SURE I was at 5 miles. But after I Gmap'd my route when I got home I was under. It makes saving up for a Garmin even more desireable. Good news is that I kept 10 mm avg on that run.

I decided to go ahead and just stick with the 15k rather than the 5k. Which means I really need to focus on some long runs that are more than 6 miles. And I need to bring a watch with me so I can pace myself. I hope to keep 10:30 mm avg for the 15k. I might be able to go faster than that but since I haven't gone that far at that pace I think that's my most realistic option right now. We'll see if I can bump it up after a couple of long runs.

For the last month I haven't seen any weight loss but finally over the past week I've lost a couple of pounds. I won't reach my goal by my birthday but it is nice to see some loss again.

And finally I didn't do my crazy St. Patrick's Day of Exercise plan but I did go to four exercise classes on Wednesday: Spin, Arms, B&G, and Yoga. Spin almost killed me. I knew it was a bad sign when I felt my heart rate accelerate and was out of breath just climbing the stairs to the cardio room. I made sure to get some extra energy in the form of a Clif bar and Muscle Milk before the Triple Play since the Cafe Steamer I had for lunch wasn't quite cutting it. That Clif bar was so gosh darn delicious - the Muscle Milk was nasty.

To keep up with my March goals I still need to get the minimum of the following: 1 more day of exercising this weekend, 30 minutes, & 5.6 miles. I'll definitely go over the minutes and miles with my long run so I'm keeping up with my goal for this month. Let's hope the last two weeks go well too!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So the 15k is coming up in 5 weeks. I'm going to encourage my husband to switch his participation to the 5k since he hasn't really trained at all for this thing. I was on their website on Monday to check out some things and started looking at last year's results.

The times for my age group on the 5k are pretty slow (as far as 5k's are concerned) which means I could stand a chance of placing in the top 3 of my age group (that's with a 9:15 mm avg) if I too switched to the 5k. If I stuck with the 15k I would place somewhere in the high 20's (with an estimated 10:30 avg).

So pride, it's a tricky thing. I mean sure it would be super cool to say, "yeah I got 2nd place in my age group because I'm super fast like that" - there won't be many races where I can say that. Darn all you 30-35 year old women who are much faster than me!! But it would be more challenging to run 15k at 10:30 mm averages.

I also haven't gotten past 6 mile long runs so training for a 5k would be easier for the next 5 weeks. But am I doing what's easy or what's more challenging? Crap.

Think, think, think...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Results 3/8-3/14

Monday - 6 mile jog on Greenway
Tuesday - 4 mile jog on Greenway
Wednesday - 4 mile jog/walk (1/2 jog and 1/2 walk - a little over an hour), 4.3 mile bike ride
Thursday - 20 minute Shred video with Jillian, 2.67 mile bike ride to work (about 10 min), 17.2 mile bike ride back home (about 1.5 hrs)
Friday - 2.5 mile recovery walk/jog (a little over 1 mile jogging, 40 minutes) - Unbelievable soreness.
Saturday - Rest but I did mop my floor on hands and knees.
Sunday - 35 min on elliptical, 25 min on weights (arms, legs, and ab exercises)
Minutes - 425 (est)
Miles - 16.5 running, 24 bike

Since this week is supposed to be sunny with temps in the high 50's to low 60's I plan on being outside a bit more. I'll try to ride the bike into work too if I can arrange it with the hubby to get the kids to daycare. So no planned schedule - I'll take it day by day. I do want to get 10-12 miles in.

Monday (still cloudy and cool) - 30 min Spin and 30 min Arms

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Fitness Friday

My last day of vacation. Sigh. You may think I have two more days left since it's Friday I don't work until Monday but as much as I love my kids I don't count days home with them as vacation.

I got Schwinny out for 20 miles yesterday. I discovered that there's a problem with her gears so she's probably going back to Walmart. Serves me right for thinking I could get a decent bike at a discount store. Actually it's probably an ok bike but was put together by someone who barely knows how to spell bike. So before returning it (sad sigh) I went over to the REAL bike shop and looked at their bikes. The cheapest I'll get from them is a Trek for $350. There's one other place I'll look but I don't think they'll have much better deals. I will have to get the Trek ordered because the only frame size they had in that particular style was 15 and I need about a 17. But I really liked talking to the guy there and learned some basic facts about operating gears. I know nothing about gears really except for a quick tutorial by typing in "How do bike gears work" on Google. I do know enough to know when the gears aren't working though. Poor Schwinny. I loved her so and she was so pretty - unlike Trek which just comes in black.

But after that stop I decided to go ahead and wander into Fleet Feet before going to the Greenway for a recovery walk/jog. My legs were wiped out from the 20 miles on the previous day and I knew that I had to work out that lactic acid. I went in hoping to talk with my first trainer and bike guru Tommy but it turns out he's moved to Memphis. But I had a fantastic talk with one of their main guys and we decided to switch up my shoes to Asics Gel 2150. My Brooks were tight in a couple of places and the Asics will provide more width. I'll take a couple of runs in them before giving my final approval. I've learned to love my Brooks so switching up does provide me a moment of pause.

So finally I got out to the Greenway. We had a lot of rain this morning so I wasn't sure how much of the trail would be passable. It started off nicely. The river was high but none of the trail was completely covered. I went 1.25 miles in and turned around. Within 10 minutes that stinkin' river had gone up and covered the lowest parts of the trail so I had to slush through three inches of water. Thankfully I wasn't wearing my brand new shoes - they might have frowned at me returning them at that point. I almost got stuck in a second place but found an alternative - though muddy - path around it. I only ran a little over a mile for a total distance of 2.5 miles but it was nice to move my legs to work out the soreness. Tomorrow will most likely be a rest day since there's more rain predicted. On Sunday the rec center will be open again so I'll get a good workout done there despite the weather. If the weather is nice I might stay outside for a long run but I've gotten enough miles this week so I'm willing to do something with less impact.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And I would walk/run 500 miles...

Weather has been cooperating this week - we've had some rain but I've been able to get outside too.

Monday - 6 miles
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday 4 miles

So maybe not 500 miles but more miles in three days than I did in two weeks. It's been mostly run/walk combos since my goal is to just stay active this week and not run in any particular time. Today I forced my hubby out with me since we still plan on running the 15k together in a few weeks. Since he's feeling under the weather I made him jog a quarter mile and then we could walk a quarter mile. So two miles running and two miles walking total. Then afterwards we got lunch and headed to Wally World to look at bikes.

My original plan was to actually be a smart shopper and go to a real bike shop and pay way too much for a bike that was probably more sophisticated then I would ever need. Instead I headed to Walmart, looked at their hybrid bikes, and picked one I thought was pretty. Ok - more thought went into it than that but it is pretty and only $150.

I originally thought of calling her Schwing or Mr. Schwinn (as in "Me and Mr. Schwinn - we got a good thing going on") but have decided on the more neutral kid-friendly "Schwinny." I took her out for a test drive in my neighborhood to test the ol' adage of "You never forget how to ride a bike." I was rather doubtful since my last couple of bike rides were scary and confusing. Turns out - I was riding the wrong size bike (big man size 10 speed) this was wonderful. I truly felt like I was 10 years old again.

I also decided on two very definite things about bikes:
  1. Riding a real bike is a heck of a lot more fun than riding a spin bike.
  2. Riding a bike is more fun than running.

But given my overall heart rate and effort I think running is the better exercise for me. Look forward to more adventures of me and Schwinny as we tackle the roads together.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Results: 3/1-3/8

Results -
Monday 3/1, 30 min spin at lunch, 30 min arms and 30 min B&G after work
Tuesday 3/2, 45 min treadmill: 5 min walk, 35 min at 11 mm, 5 min cool down. 3.8 miles
Wednesday 3/3, Triple Play: 30 min arms, 30 min B&G, & 45 min yoga
Thursday 3/4, 2.2 mile run - was supposed to be 5 mile tempo run but I just didn't have enough "omph" to do the whole thing.
Friday 3/5, 45 min yoga not enough time to fit yoag in and get on the road.
Sat/Sun 3/6-7 , trip to Atlanta, walking with kids & rest

Schedule -
As previously mentioned, this week is Spring Break and the rec center is closed. I work a partial day on Monday but then will take the rest of the week off. Since I'll be done with work around lunchtime I'll get an afternoon run in tomorrow. I plan on going for a long time even if it means walking breaks. I feel the need to go the distance. The rest of the week may be rainy so I'll get out when I can and force myself to do some Shred videos too. After all I got this season's swimsuit to fit into. I just bought it today and it's cute.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A rear that will live in infamy.

Here I am, minding my own business, checking my work emails. When all of a sudden upon opening the Rec Center's monthly newsletter I see my rear.

Oh yes, I'm sharing the experience because I'm that gracious (I'm on the far left in the dark blue Capri's).

The real shame is that I'm only using 8 lb weights in this photo. Why didn't they come later in the week when I had 10 lbs weights! And a better pony-tail holder... Sigh.

That was boot camp - see the double steps! I wasn't lying about those. If you scroll down further in the newsletter you'll see other campers doing push-ups. I was probably on my knees so I'm glad you can't really tell my position in that photo.

I don't think too many people will be able to tell it's me (since my readership on here isn't all that great I don't risk spreading the news that widely). I'm very amused.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yo Adrian!

There's so much out there that I still have yet to learn.

Yesterday's arms class included "gliding discs." I've never used these things before and there were points in the class that I had strongly formed opinions of where they could be shoved...

I think it's important to note around the 50 second mark she said, "if I were stronger I could go on both knees or in a full push-up position" because that's what J made us do last night. Holy crapola. Once it got time for yoga and she wanted us to do one-handed side planks my arms had enough and I used my knees.

But to go back to Arms and the Gliding Discs - had this song not been on the workout tape mix I may have never made it through class:

What is it about Rocky that makes us keep going?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Goals

I've added a new feature to my side bar. A listing of the total miles I've ran for the month, how many days that month I've worked out, and the total number of minutes I've worked out. I think this will help me keep better track of my overall effort and progress.

My goals are to workout a minimum of 60 minutes a day for 5 days a week. For March (a 5 week month) this will equate to 25 days of working out and 1500 minutes. I also want to up my mileage this month to 50 miles total.

There will be some weeks where I don't work out 5 days but might get more than 300 minutes in because of longer workouts (especially long runs) so it's about balancing out my week when things happen or I have off days.

I went back to my results for January and February and tallied up those results. Here's how the individual weeks were broken down:

Week 1: 9 miles, 5 days, 195 minutes
Week 2: 12 miles, 3 days, 155 minutes
Week 3: 9 miles, 4 days, 150 minutes
Week 4: 9 miles, 5 days, 245 minutes

February -
Week 1: 8 miles, 5 days, 308 minutes
Week 2: 14 miles, 4 days, 252 minutes
Week 3: 12.85 miles, 6 days, 356 minutes
Week 4: 5 miles, 3 days, 150 minutes

It will be good to not only focus on miles but on the amount of time I spend being active. Like for this first week of March I will not get a long run in and have only planned 4 days of working out but I can still get to my 300 minutes based on the plans I've made.

Always learning and readjusting.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little experiment...

On Sunday we ate lunch at TGI Fridays (not a great choice diet wise but I did make up for it with a brick later). Afterwards we decided to roam the local mall. Just outside the JC Penney's is a germ infested swamp play area that my kids wanted to play in. So I left the hubby alone to watch them while I wandered into Penney's to see what they had. I've been noticing that I have more and more room in my size 12's so I was interested to see if I could get into a size 10 - something that has not been achieved since I was 11 or 12 years old.

I looked through the racks, intrigued by the "No Gap" promises of one particular brand and finally found a pair of 10's. What happened next is quite accurately protrayed by this clip below (especially around 22 seconds and beyond):

It wasn't pretty (at all) but I did get them over my thighs and hips, zipped up, AND buttoned. Sweet! Of course I won't be buying any size 10's yet but it was a bit satisfying to realize that I can get my legs into a pair.

I'll try to be better about exercising this week. I think the wave of exhaustion has left me though I am fighting a sinus induced cold. Here's the plan (which is similar to other weeks except for the weekend):

March 1st through 7th:
Monday: Lunch spin class, then Arms and B&G after work.
Tuesday: Easy Run, 3 miles, treadmill
Wednesday: Triple Play
Thursday: Tempo Run 5 miles (most likely treadmill)
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: Some walking with the kids and possible short runs on treadmill (going to Atlanta for a day or so)

Next week is spring break and I've planned on taking the whole week off from work. I plan on getting some really good runs in during this time and checking out a couple of bike stores. My rec center will be closed so cross-training will most likely be Shred videos. I'm praying for good weather.

Monday, March 1, 2010

She's a brick..... house.....

Sunday - It could have been a decent day for an outside run but fate didn't allow me to get out of the house until 5'ish and I didn't want shorten my workout (sunset at 5:30'ish here). So off to the rec center for a brick. A real brick this time. A short brick, in comparison to some, but a real one.

10 miles on the bike. Set it to interval hills, level 9, kept the avg RPM's between 95-105. Time = 32:20 (actually I can't quite remember the exact seconds but that sounds about right).

Then over to the track, no stops for potty or stretching. Got into my circles and made sure to track my laps on my fingers. It's so easy to lose count in there. I did 20 laps which is in between 3 miles and a 5k. After my first lap the clock was 52:20 and my laps don't often take more than 1:30 each so I estimated my start time to be 51:00 on the clock (give or take a few seconds). Lap 7 (just over mile 1) was done at a little over 9 minutes which was really surprising. I didn't pay attention to the time on lap 13 (two miles) because my brain had gotten momentarily confused on my lap numbering system. I held down a finger for each lap I completed but my brain was thinking that the finger corresponded to the lap I was on rather than the lap I had just completed - poor brain doesn't get enough oxygen while running.

The leg effort was hard but the cardio effort was fine. I didn't feel out of breath or too sweaty. I ended 20 laps at 18:40 so that gives me 27:40 total for slightly less than 5k after a 10 mile bike ride. Not too shabby.

Now I just need to learn how to swim athletically. If a tri could start with a competition down a "lazy river" I would feel much better about competing.