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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Allow me a little rant

If you read my results you'll see I did a brick workout on Sunday. This has become my favorite cardio workout. It's harder than a long run but somehow much more satisfying - probably because it uses different muscles. But I was a bit peeved when I started my workout.

I had to use the recumbent bike. Oh the horror! The shame! The delightfully soft cushion on my bottom! So it wasn't all bad...

I know it's first come, first serve at the gym so I can't complain that people grabbed the "real" stationary bikes before me. My complaint was that the two stick-thin 18 year old sorority sisters who grabbed the "real" bikes were reading text books and pedaling at about 50 RPM's. Good on them for combining studying and semi-exercising but get on the sissy bike if you're going to do that.

Oh well, now I can combine my righteous anger and my gloating for totally kicking their butts with my exercising efforts on a recumbent bike no less.

I also deserve props for not yelling out to both girls that were next to me that they were wasting their time with their sissified pedaling. It's hard enough to burn calories on the bike (compared to running the same amount of time). It's a complete waste of effort to pedal at 50 RPM for 20 minutes (at least at their health and age). Or maybe they needed yelling at...

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