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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And I would walk/run 500 miles...

Weather has been cooperating this week - we've had some rain but I've been able to get outside too.

Monday - 6 miles
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday 4 miles

So maybe not 500 miles but more miles in three days than I did in two weeks. It's been mostly run/walk combos since my goal is to just stay active this week and not run in any particular time. Today I forced my hubby out with me since we still plan on running the 15k together in a few weeks. Since he's feeling under the weather I made him jog a quarter mile and then we could walk a quarter mile. So two miles running and two miles walking total. Then afterwards we got lunch and headed to Wally World to look at bikes.

My original plan was to actually be a smart shopper and go to a real bike shop and pay way too much for a bike that was probably more sophisticated then I would ever need. Instead I headed to Walmart, looked at their hybrid bikes, and picked one I thought was pretty. Ok - more thought went into it than that but it is pretty and only $150.

I originally thought of calling her Schwing or Mr. Schwinn (as in "Me and Mr. Schwinn - we got a good thing going on") but have decided on the more neutral kid-friendly "Schwinny." I took her out for a test drive in my neighborhood to test the ol' adage of "You never forget how to ride a bike." I was rather doubtful since my last couple of bike rides were scary and confusing. Turns out - I was riding the wrong size bike (big man size 10 speed) this was wonderful. I truly felt like I was 10 years old again.

I also decided on two very definite things about bikes:
  1. Riding a real bike is a heck of a lot more fun than riding a spin bike.
  2. Riding a bike is more fun than running.

But given my overall heart rate and effort I think running is the better exercise for me. Look forward to more adventures of me and Schwinny as we tackle the roads together.

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