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Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Fitness Friday

My last day of vacation. Sigh. You may think I have two more days left since it's Friday I don't work until Monday but as much as I love my kids I don't count days home with them as vacation.

I got Schwinny out for 20 miles yesterday. I discovered that there's a problem with her gears so she's probably going back to Walmart. Serves me right for thinking I could get a decent bike at a discount store. Actually it's probably an ok bike but was put together by someone who barely knows how to spell bike. So before returning it (sad sigh) I went over to the REAL bike shop and looked at their bikes. The cheapest I'll get from them is a Trek for $350. There's one other place I'll look but I don't think they'll have much better deals. I will have to get the Trek ordered because the only frame size they had in that particular style was 15 and I need about a 17. But I really liked talking to the guy there and learned some basic facts about operating gears. I know nothing about gears really except for a quick tutorial by typing in "How do bike gears work" on Google. I do know enough to know when the gears aren't working though. Poor Schwinny. I loved her so and she was so pretty - unlike Trek which just comes in black.

But after that stop I decided to go ahead and wander into Fleet Feet before going to the Greenway for a recovery walk/jog. My legs were wiped out from the 20 miles on the previous day and I knew that I had to work out that lactic acid. I went in hoping to talk with my first trainer and bike guru Tommy but it turns out he's moved to Memphis. But I had a fantastic talk with one of their main guys and we decided to switch up my shoes to Asics Gel 2150. My Brooks were tight in a couple of places and the Asics will provide more width. I'll take a couple of runs in them before giving my final approval. I've learned to love my Brooks so switching up does provide me a moment of pause.

So finally I got out to the Greenway. We had a lot of rain this morning so I wasn't sure how much of the trail would be passable. It started off nicely. The river was high but none of the trail was completely covered. I went 1.25 miles in and turned around. Within 10 minutes that stinkin' river had gone up and covered the lowest parts of the trail so I had to slush through three inches of water. Thankfully I wasn't wearing my brand new shoes - they might have frowned at me returning them at that point. I almost got stuck in a second place but found an alternative - though muddy - path around it. I only ran a little over a mile for a total distance of 2.5 miles but it was nice to move my legs to work out the soreness. Tomorrow will most likely be a rest day since there's more rain predicted. On Sunday the rec center will be open again so I'll get a good workout done there despite the weather. If the weather is nice I might stay outside for a long run but I've gotten enough miles this week so I'm willing to do something with less impact.

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