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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Goals

I've added a new feature to my side bar. A listing of the total miles I've ran for the month, how many days that month I've worked out, and the total number of minutes I've worked out. I think this will help me keep better track of my overall effort and progress.

My goals are to workout a minimum of 60 minutes a day for 5 days a week. For March (a 5 week month) this will equate to 25 days of working out and 1500 minutes. I also want to up my mileage this month to 50 miles total.

There will be some weeks where I don't work out 5 days but might get more than 300 minutes in because of longer workouts (especially long runs) so it's about balancing out my week when things happen or I have off days.

I went back to my results for January and February and tallied up those results. Here's how the individual weeks were broken down:

Week 1: 9 miles, 5 days, 195 minutes
Week 2: 12 miles, 3 days, 155 minutes
Week 3: 9 miles, 4 days, 150 minutes
Week 4: 9 miles, 5 days, 245 minutes

February -
Week 1: 8 miles, 5 days, 308 minutes
Week 2: 14 miles, 4 days, 252 minutes
Week 3: 12.85 miles, 6 days, 356 minutes
Week 4: 5 miles, 3 days, 150 minutes

It will be good to not only focus on miles but on the amount of time I spend being active. Like for this first week of March I will not get a long run in and have only planned 4 days of working out but I can still get to my 300 minutes based on the plans I've made.

Always learning and readjusting.

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