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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pressuring myself

I don't want to run tonight on my treadmill. I mean I really don't want to. But I should. So I'm posting on here that I should and thus will have to face my own pressure if I end up deciding to be a wuss. I mean it's not like I'm even doing a whole lot - just two stinkin' miles.

But I have to wait until the husband comes home before I can get on the stupid treadmill. Let's hope I have keep the pressure on for another 30 minutes.

***I got my time in - 3 min walking at 3.0, 2 min jogging at 5.0, 20 min at 6.0, 3 min at 5.0, 5 min at 3.0. Total distance 2.75 miles in 33 minutes.
Today's temptation is a sausage biscuit. So far I'm doing good resisting it - so not worth the extra cardio to work it off.

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