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Monday, March 1, 2010

She's a brick..... house.....

Sunday - It could have been a decent day for an outside run but fate didn't allow me to get out of the house until 5'ish and I didn't want shorten my workout (sunset at 5:30'ish here). So off to the rec center for a brick. A real brick this time. A short brick, in comparison to some, but a real one.

10 miles on the bike. Set it to interval hills, level 9, kept the avg RPM's between 95-105. Time = 32:20 (actually I can't quite remember the exact seconds but that sounds about right).

Then over to the track, no stops for potty or stretching. Got into my circles and made sure to track my laps on my fingers. It's so easy to lose count in there. I did 20 laps which is in between 3 miles and a 5k. After my first lap the clock was 52:20 and my laps don't often take more than 1:30 each so I estimated my start time to be 51:00 on the clock (give or take a few seconds). Lap 7 (just over mile 1) was done at a little over 9 minutes which was really surprising. I didn't pay attention to the time on lap 13 (two miles) because my brain had gotten momentarily confused on my lap numbering system. I held down a finger for each lap I completed but my brain was thinking that the finger corresponded to the lap I was on rather than the lap I had just completed - poor brain doesn't get enough oxygen while running.

The leg effort was hard but the cardio effort was fine. I didn't feel out of breath or too sweaty. I ended 20 laps at 18:40 so that gives me 27:40 total for slightly less than 5k after a 10 mile bike ride. Not too shabby.

Now I just need to learn how to swim athletically. If a tri could start with a competition down a "lazy river" I would feel much better about competing.

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