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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thus far...

End of another week - I always count Sunday as the end of the week though I guess it's technically the beginning. I hit a slump towards the end of this week and even though my calories didn't go crazy I don't think I'll get that 2 lb weight loss. I'm not weighing until tomorrow since I forgot to weigh first thing this morning. I've gotten in my workouts this week but won't get to 300 minutes total. I'm not too worried about that for my month's goals since I've been above 300 for the past couple of weeks. I just started feeling exhausted around Thursday and work is getting into a busy season so fitting in 60 min workouts will be more difficult.

I got a semi-long run yesterday. For my race prep it should have been longer but I only had time for 6 miles. I had to work yesterday morning and told the husband I would be home by 2 pm. I didn't bring a watch with me but I really tried to pace myself. Turns out I suck at pacing myself without a watch. I got a little over 3 miles and took a bathroom break and heard a kid say the time which AFTER my bathroom break put me at running about 5k in 32 minutes. So I was definitely going under 10 mm for that first half. No wonder I felt worn out. I finished with about 10 mm avg but to get through the whole 15k I'll need to be better about sticking above a 10 mm avg. I'd rather start off with 10:30 avg and end faster for a negative split. I must get a 9 mile run in next weekend. I need to remember how 9 miles feels before I go to the race. Also the wind was awful yesterday. It stinks to be so excited about a warm/sunny day and then to go outside and be blown over by 20 mph gusts.

Today has been spent cleaning house but later this afternoon I'll get to the rec center for a bike/run brick. I had bike envy yesterday on the Greenway. I hope I can look at bikes again in April but our paycheck has already been dedicated for a couple of other things so I'm not sure I'll be able to buy the bike quite yet.

I'll try to do spin tomorrow but I have a feeling I won't be able to get out of my office at lunch. So it will probably end up being elliptical and maybe B&G if the hubby can pick up the kids. Sadly the turnout for my Arms class has been very low recently so she may be canceling that class. So BUMMED. I really like how my arms are shaping up and prefer the discipline of the class rather than doing weights on my own.

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