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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekly Results: 3/1-3/8

Results -
Monday 3/1, 30 min spin at lunch, 30 min arms and 30 min B&G after work
Tuesday 3/2, 45 min treadmill: 5 min walk, 35 min at 11 mm, 5 min cool down. 3.8 miles
Wednesday 3/3, Triple Play: 30 min arms, 30 min B&G, & 45 min yoga
Thursday 3/4, 2.2 mile run - was supposed to be 5 mile tempo run but I just didn't have enough "omph" to do the whole thing.
Friday 3/5, 45 min yoga not enough time to fit yoag in and get on the road.
Sat/Sun 3/6-7 , trip to Atlanta, walking with kids & rest

Schedule -
As previously mentioned, this week is Spring Break and the rec center is closed. I work a partial day on Monday but then will take the rest of the week off. Since I'll be done with work around lunchtime I'll get an afternoon run in tomorrow. I plan on going for a long time even if it means walking breaks. I feel the need to go the distance. The rest of the week may be rainy so I'll get out when I can and force myself to do some Shred videos too. After all I got this season's swimsuit to fit into. I just bought it today and it's cute.

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