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Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly Results 3/8-3/14

Monday - 6 mile jog on Greenway
Tuesday - 4 mile jog on Greenway
Wednesday - 4 mile jog/walk (1/2 jog and 1/2 walk - a little over an hour), 4.3 mile bike ride
Thursday - 20 minute Shred video with Jillian, 2.67 mile bike ride to work (about 10 min), 17.2 mile bike ride back home (about 1.5 hrs)
Friday - 2.5 mile recovery walk/jog (a little over 1 mile jogging, 40 minutes) - Unbelievable soreness.
Saturday - Rest but I did mop my floor on hands and knees.
Sunday - 35 min on elliptical, 25 min on weights (arms, legs, and ab exercises)
Minutes - 425 (est)
Miles - 16.5 running, 24 bike

Since this week is supposed to be sunny with temps in the high 50's to low 60's I plan on being outside a bit more. I'll try to ride the bike into work too if I can arrange it with the hubby to get the kids to daycare. So no planned schedule - I'll take it day by day. I do want to get 10-12 miles in.

Monday (still cloudy and cool) - 30 min Spin and 30 min Arms

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