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Friday, March 19, 2010

What my newly defined arm muscles are really for...

I had to rush from my car to my office holding about 18 tons worth of crap and balancing a cup of coffee in a leaking to-go cup in such a way that it wouldn't drip all over my 18 tons of crap. I was feeling the burn by the time I made it to my office. Definitely one of those isometric holds.

But I really do have more defined muscles in my arms (no pics to prove it but you should believe me - I'm not generally a dishonest person). I've moved up to the 10 lbs for all the exercises in my arms class - though some moves are much harder than others. My biceps could do more - after all I lug around a 36 lb two year old for half the day so I've built up those muscles over time.

This week I've kept the same schedule as my previous weeks. It's been warmer but no sun until yesterday. I did get outside for a 4.4 mile run yesterday evening and it was lovely. I just ran around my neighborhood which can be annoying because I always overestimate my distance. Like last night I was SURE I was at 5 miles. But after I Gmap'd my route when I got home I was under. It makes saving up for a Garmin even more desireable. Good news is that I kept 10 mm avg on that run.

I decided to go ahead and just stick with the 15k rather than the 5k. Which means I really need to focus on some long runs that are more than 6 miles. And I need to bring a watch with me so I can pace myself. I hope to keep 10:30 mm avg for the 15k. I might be able to go faster than that but since I haven't gone that far at that pace I think that's my most realistic option right now. We'll see if I can bump it up after a couple of long runs.

For the last month I haven't seen any weight loss but finally over the past week I've lost a couple of pounds. I won't reach my goal by my birthday but it is nice to see some loss again.

And finally I didn't do my crazy St. Patrick's Day of Exercise plan but I did go to four exercise classes on Wednesday: Spin, Arms, B&G, and Yoga. Spin almost killed me. I knew it was a bad sign when I felt my heart rate accelerate and was out of breath just climbing the stairs to the cardio room. I made sure to get some extra energy in the form of a Clif bar and Muscle Milk before the Triple Play since the Cafe Steamer I had for lunch wasn't quite cutting it. That Clif bar was so gosh darn delicious - the Muscle Milk was nasty.

To keep up with my March goals I still need to get the minimum of the following: 1 more day of exercising this weekend, 30 minutes, & 5.6 miles. I'll definitely go over the minutes and miles with my long run so I'm keeping up with my goal for this month. Let's hope the last two weeks go well too!

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  1. Hey me too! I've had to stop carrying our toddler around because my shoulder is semi-hurt, but my arms are stronger! And I moved up in wts too at my bootcamp workout.

    I haven't tried muscle milk.. doesn't sound too tasty?