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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why must biscuits be so bad for you?

When they're so delicious? Even the reduced fat ones are awful. I've had to scramble to get my daily intake of nutrients right after having 2 this morning (and a piece of cake at a party). You would think burning almost 1000 calories on a 7 mile run would allow you that piece of cake but myfooddiary.com had many red categories even though my overall calories were ok. Just goes to show you that tracking your whole diet rather than just calories is important for your health and weight loss. So intead of some yummy breaded fish for dinner I had to go with a turkey burger - still good but I think I would have rather had the fish than the cake (which wasn't very good).

I meant to go at least 8 miles today but before I started my run I had to return Schwinny (sad tear). There was a line at the return's counter at Wally World so it took me longer than I had planned. I had to get back home to get ready for above mentioned birthday party so I cut my run a little short. I started my run in an area where I knew the distance but it's not marked so I wasn't able to track my pace until I got onto the Greenway. From there I was running about 10 mm but I think I was a little faster than that for my first 3 miles. I ended with an average of 10 mm and that included 2 water breaks and a couple of short walking breaks. I was pretty tired but I think it bodes well for the 15k. I definitely could have gone for 2 more miles but I may have slowed down some more.

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