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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yo Adrian!

There's so much out there that I still have yet to learn.

Yesterday's arms class included "gliding discs." I've never used these things before and there were points in the class that I had strongly formed opinions of where they could be shoved...

I think it's important to note around the 50 second mark she said, "if I were stronger I could go on both knees or in a full push-up position" because that's what J made us do last night. Holy crapola. Once it got time for yoga and she wanted us to do one-handed side planks my arms had enough and I used my knees.

But to go back to Arms and the Gliding Discs - had this song not been on the workout tape mix I may have never made it through class:

What is it about Rocky that makes us keep going?

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