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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cha-cha-cha changing

I've been "off" this week - darn thyroid and various hormones that play havoc on my system.

It amazes me how I can so quickly go from feeling like a Super Hero one day to feeling like the laziest slob the next. But I'm coming out of my slump slowly - which is good because I was really worried about running the 15k this weekend while feeling this way. I almost considered switching down to the 5k again but I knew I couldn't let fear and pride make me run a shorter easier race. If I'm the slowest in my age group so be it - the accomplishment of finishing 15k of hills is more important than my pace.

This is Ms. J's last week of working at our rec center (apparently living closer to her boyfriend is more important than training us) so I've been grabbing as many classes from her that I can. So I've done B&G and yoga twice this week and I'm going to join her last Boot Camp class today. I haven't gotten any other runs or cardio in this week but that's okay - I'll consider it a taper. Yeah - I'm tapering that's it...

But with J leaving I'll have to get used to new classes and new trainers. I know it's good to switch things up but I also know that I like her consistency and will motivate myself to go to her classes. We'll see what the summer schedule brings. The month of May will mean less running because of different family stuff going on and I'll have to depend more on my lunch workouts, DVD's, and treadmill at home. It's not a bad thing - just a change.

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