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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Choosing family over exercise (Weekly Results)

Or just being lazy - but I'll go with the more positive excuse. I didn't do any runs or gym workouts this weekend. I spent more time at home, got stuff done around the house, and hung out with the family. The weather was great but I chose not to run. I will however be leaving work early tomorrow for an eye doctor appt so I plan on getting a long run after that appointment is over. Here's what the week looked like:

Monday - 30 min elliptical (390 cal), & last Arms class (30 min)
Tuesday - Got too involved with my camera and didn't get a treadmill run in
Wednesday - 20 min on indoor track, 30 min B&G, 45 min yoga
Thursday - yard work for 30 min (won't actually count this in my exercise results but it does burn calories) and two margaritas
Friday - 30 min Ult Sculpt DVD and 30 min Yoga DVD
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - long family walk while pushing heavy stroller and B&G DVD (30 min)

Total Days (of real workouts): 4
Total Miles: 4.5 (including walk today)
Total Minutes: 245

March Totals (including a couple days in April since I count weeks rather than days) -
Total Miles/Goal - 51.7/50
Total Days/Goal - 26/25
Total Minutes/Goal - 1592/1500
Weight Loss - 4 lbs

Not only did I meet each goal I exceeded them! And it's been a good month for weight loss. I did recently get a nutrition assessment which I'll share in a later blog post about where my diet needs work.

The only increase in April's Goals is in miles. Otherwise I'm still aiming for 5 days a week and 300 minutes a week (there will only be 4 weeks in April).
Miles Goal - 55 (going from 10 to 14 per week)
Days Goal - 20
Minutes Goal - 1200

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