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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trudging through cardio

I did a new Smart Coach training plan from Runner's World. I used my January 5k time (28:40) to train for the 10 mile run. It has me doing tempos at 10'ish mm and speed work at 9:25'ish. The miles per week would bump up to 16 at the beginning to 25 at the end (9 week plan). The max long run would be 10 miles. The end results says 10 miles @ 9:53 which would be awesome but I don't expect that with the heat and hills. I might need to do my long runs on Mondays (post daycare drop off but pre work) during the month of May. I'll also incorporate more hill running into my training either on the treadmill or picky more "hilly" places to run outside. I like the plan but "can I maintain the plan?" is a better question.

I've done my cardio this week but it's been painful. Not energy or muscle wise - but brain wise. I hated every moment of the elliptical on Monday (didn't make it to spin class) and was about as thrilled with my 3 mile treadmill run last night. My brain needs help. I know one thing would be to mix things up a little. I've been on the same routine for a while now and something new would help the enthusiasm level. This is where I miss Schwinny. I haven't been able to set aside funds for a different bike - other needs have since popped up. And thus plans for a summer triathlon have also been set aside.

Keeping trudging!

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