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Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Results 4/12-4/18

Results -
Monday 4/12: 30 min B&G and 45 min Yoga
Tuesday 4/13: nothing
Wednesday 4/14: 30 min B&G and 45 min Yoga
Thursday 4/15: 30 min boot camp (gym workout)
Friday 4/16: house cleaning and walking around downtown Chattanooga
Saturday 4/17: 15k at 1:35:25
Sunday 4/18: 3 mile recovery walk on Greenway (around 45 minutes)

Miles: 12.3
Days: 5 (won't count the house cleaning and walking)
Minutes: 320

Schedule -
Monday - 30 min spin and 30 min B&G DVD at home
Tuesday - 3 mile treadmill run, easy
Wednesday - 30 min B&G and 30 min yoga DVD at home
Thursday -5 mile run
Friday - rest day
Saturday -7 mile long run (depending on weather)
Sunday - gym workout (elliptical/bike and weights)

If I can't get my long run because of weather I might get to the gym twice on the weekend or do my 30 Day Shred or Ult Sculpt DVD at home. This week will be more of a challenge to make myself do the workouts at home.

Next Challenge -
My next planned race isn't until June 19th and it will be a 10 mile race (in the heat with hills). I would like to continue to work on my speed. Since I managed to finish the 15k at a 10:14 pace fairly comfortably (note the use of the word "fairly" - it wasn't easy but I wasn't dying either) I want to now improve on the time and hope for a 10:00 pace for the 10 mile race (with the hills and the heat). If I can do that then I feel confident about getting close to a 2:10 finish in the half marathon in October. I want to do a training plan for the 1/2 this year that starts in July June. Last year it was just about finishing the 1/2 - this year it's more about time.

But to improve on my speed it means more strength training for my legs and more speed work. This actually works out well for my May plans. I can do the shorter speed work at lunch or on the treadmill at home easier than I can fit in long runs. I'll still do weekly long runs but the focus during the week will be on shorter and faster runs. So I'm thinking about my schedule for May and will let you know more as I figure it out.

And after a week (or so) of ignoring my diet I'm back on track. I needed a break for my birthday and to get through the slump. But I still want to lose these last darn 10 lbs. I have some cake to finish at home but other than that I'm tracking my intake.

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