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Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I'm not doing this weekend

Is a long run. And not because I'm being lazy but because I've already achieved my weekly mileage. The hubby is on a hiking trip and I'm not about to push about 90 lbs worth of kids and stroller while running so I arranged my weekly exercise to get 4 smaller runs (6 m, 2.5 m, 3.8 m, and 3.8 m) and still reach my goals. I even woke up early - twice - to run before work. Now there's dedication for ya!

Instead of running I've taken the kids to the sale at Fleet Feet and bought myself a singlet (my very first, do you remember your first singlet?) and some running capris:

I wore shorts on one of my runs this week and the thigh chaffing is better than last year but I'm still more comfortable in capris rather than shorts.

I also got some garden soil at Home Depot and worked on digging out our front beds to plant some flowers - so exercise was gotten.

Other new things that I got were Sport Beans. I have not tried any type of beans or Gu while running. I don't want to add calories while I'm trying to burn calories. However, I don't want to crash (energy wise) in the middle of my 15k next week so I got some for that race. These new capris have a handy little pocket in the back where I can hold them - or I'll wear my fuel belt so I can carry water. There will, however, be 5 water stops so I don't really have to carry any water with me.

As far as my race is concerned I know I'm seriously under prepared for the distance. I haven't been able to run more than 6 miles in a long time (mostly because of time constraints) so I'm not really even thinking of a time goal for this race. I would love it to be under 1:40 (1:38 is a 10:30 pace) but we'll see - there's hills on this course. I've just been thinking of this particular race as more of a "fun run" since it gives my hubby and I a chance to have a weekend to ourselves and enjoy the fine town of Chattanooga.

As for my final week of so called "training" before the race I doubt I'll get any long runs in. Here's what I'm thinking schedule wise:

Monday - B&G and yoga (this is the last week for the trainer to teach at our rec center before she moves so I want to enjoy her classes)
Tuesday - 4 mile treadmill run (easy) while watching BL.
Wednesday - B&G and yoga again - maybe some elliptical or track running before class begins
Thursday - if I didn't run on Wednesday a 2 mile run and maybe a DVD at home
Friday - rest and walking around Chattanooga
Saturday - 15k
Sunday - my 32nd bday so we'll see if I even want to exercise.

This will put me at a little over 15 miles for the week which is above my weekly mileage goal.

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