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Friday, April 2, 2010

When work and exercise collide

My schedule is way off for this week. It's the time of year when my job becomes overwhelming and I can't get out for lunch or even squeeze in a workout between the end of the day and picking up kids. I declared last night a "margarita night" because I had gotten to the point of prefixing swear words to certain meeting obligations that I had, such as "that stupid *bleep* meeting was a waste of my time." (double adjectives = you know it's a bad night)

I wanted to get in a four mile run and knew it would make me feel better but the consumption of two margaritas does not meet the safety standards of operating a treadmill. Though it could be an amusing YouTube video.

See, I'm all about safety.

My hope is to make up for it today but it doesn't look good, doesn't look good at all.

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