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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


As promised it's time to consider the perfect hat for your summer running needs. There are many things to consider.

1) Should I go "green" and try to recycle materials I already have in my home?

2) Did you pick your hat after one too many tequilas on a Saturday night? (though I must admit the shading options given by sombreros are fantastic).

3) Do I want to win friends on the race course by showing I'm a funny person or would I risk being tripped as they get mad about being reminded that they're hungry?

4) Nothing proves you're a proud American by showing your patriotic pride. After all Flag Day was this week.

5) Or do you just go with the technical dry fit fabrics in an overpriced visor?

In the end I went with the boring practical choice (except mine is in neon green). I found that regular hats are making my head too hot but I still wanted shade for my eyes. I also wanted to get the right materials to "wick" the moisture away. So $20 later I have what I hope will be the right hat. I'll let you all know.

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