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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Not so much a race but a horrifying long run

Yes, a lack of posts means that I haven't done a lot of exercising in the last month. But I'm still running the 10 mile RC Cola and Moon Pie race next weekend - you know the one that's "hot as hell and has hills that make grown men cry." My only hope is not to be carted off by the DNF van or ambulance around mile 6 or 7. I have no goals for time though I hope to keep it around 2 hours total (12 minute miles). But if I go slower than that it will be ok as long as I end up finishing at some point.

I ran 5 miles today in the extreme heat and humidity. It was pretty brutal. Towards the end when I started to feel sorry for myself I was reminded that if I felt that bad at 4.5 miles then just imagine how much worse 8 miles would feel. It was uplifting for a moment. I think the image of myself at 8 miles next weekend was my body sliced open on asphalt with vultures pecking away at my innards. Made how I was feeling at that moment almost like being on a spa vacation.

After the race my 1/2 marathon training plan officially starts so I'll get back on a weekly schedule and will start group long runs on the weekends. It will be a nice change to run with other people and get some coaching. I also look forward to the accountability of staying on track over these gross summer months. My goal for the Oct 1/2 will be to run it under 2:15 (just under 10 minute miles). I was on pace for this back in April but have to get back into the grove after being lazy for a month.

But I don't feel wrecked after my 5 mile run today. It was gross while I was out there but I felt fine afterwards. So I'm going to run again tomorrow, Tuesday, and Thursday - keeping between 3-5 miles for each run. I'm not worried about getting a lot of miles this week, just getting my body adjusted to the heat more. Monday and Wednesday will be cross training and Friday a rest day (maybe yoga at lunch). Sunday will be dedicated to hobbling around while on massive amounts of painkillers - both for the pain and to kill the memories of the horrifying long run/race.

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  1. I think your running story is not that horrifying, great experience and post there!!!