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Sunday, June 13, 2010


Today's 4 mile run (well more like 3 mile run with about 1 mile of agonizing walking breaks sprinkled in) was an experiment in "what works during hot runs?"

First, I had previously decided to only run three miles but then pushed it up to four. Bad mistake - I would have been better with three miles.

Second, I ran at a "normal" pace and let myself walk for whatever time I had before reaching the 12 mm mark. For example, I ran the first mile in 10:20 and then walked for 1:40. Then for the second mile I reached that mile marker at 20:10 and was able to walk for longer. While I enjoyed the walking breaks I was beat after that second mile. I need to really focus on running slower for the 10 mile race if I want to finish. Today's temps were close to 90 (with a heat index close to 100) while I was out running and I chose a section with less shade because the race course won't have much shade. Temps for next weekend currently are forecasted to be about the same as this weekend. Hooray....

Third, I wore shorts today and lathered up with Aquafor before the run. While I didn't have any issues with chaffing I still didn't like the feeling of shorts. They still bunch up on the inside of my thighs and my stride changes as I try to adjust the way they rub together. For the race I'll wear either my blue under armour capris (featured in most of my running pics) or my newer black Reebox capris (featured a few posts back). I don't want the black capris in the heat but they have a zipped pocket in the back which is handy. I may however, end up wearing my water bottle belt so I won't really need the pocket... There will be water stations every two miles but there may be points where I need a small sip or a chance to dump water over my head to cool down so I'll want the extra water.

As for my shirt I've enjoyed the new singlet I bought as it's quite airy. But I fear the sun exposure over 2 hours. My other tech shirts though might be too warm. I need something in between but will probably not be able to convince the hubby of the need to buy a new shirt within the next week. :)

I'll dedicate a whole post later this week regarding which hat would be best to wear.

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