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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week One Done (at least mentally if not in actuality)

I've done all my workouts this week. I know that I actually have 3 more days before this week is over (at least that's how I consider weeks on my schedule) but the hard part is done. Friday is yoga (a delight), Saturday the group run (not too hard to motivate myself for that), and Sunday is rest, GLORIOUS rest.

But it's been an interesting week. I tried out a new yoga instructor who was, well... odd. At first I was excited about more yoga times and I worked out my schedule to run and do yoga afterwards (really benefiting from that stretching). Well we spent the first 15 minutes just breathing and moving our arms. And the dude liked to breathe - loudly and with enthusiasm. We were finally getting into some stretches when I had to leave early but I wasn't sad to do so. I'll give him another chance - you can't judge a yoga class by one session - but it may not find its way onto my regular workout schedule. Tomorrow's yoga is with an instructor I know and enjoy so no worries there.

Monday's run was pretty easy - 3 miles under 30 minutes (closer to 28 min actually). Tuesday was Ultimate Sculpt which kicked my arse last time but they had a sub who was much gentler with us. I wasn't sad about this since I am easing back into a full workout schedule again. I didn't really need to feel beat up again in the first week. Wednesday's 3 mile run was hard and much slower. I got it done but with walking breaks. My legs were weak and sluggish.

Then today = speedwork. Lovely speedwork that I dreaded all day. I tried to get it done at lunch but apparently students that "MUST BE SEEN RIGHT AWAY" always choose the lunch hour to show up at your office. So it was after 4 before I got over to the rec center. I'm doing most runs either inside or first thing in the morning since the heat is unbearable. I wanted speed work on the treadmill so that I wouldn't have to worry about pace or tracking distance.

Since my legs were so tired and wondering what the hell I was doing after 2 months of little running I started off with a jog around 2 laps of the inside track and then stretched before going to the treadmill.

Then it was (no incline at all this time):
1/2 mile at 12 mm (5 speed)
1/4 mile at 8:57 mm (6.7 speed)
1/4 mile at 12 mm (repeat 4 more times)
1/4 mile walking to finish cooling off.
Total run with pre-stretch laps was about 3.5 miles.

The speed work wasn't hard which tells me I wasn't doing it right. I either need longer distances at the faster speed or shorter breaks at the slower speeds. But once again I let the excuse of, "this is your first week back" drive my decision making process. Also I felt rather smug and self righteous while running since the t.v. above me was showing "Down Home with the Neely's" and the bowl of bacon-potato salad had to be about 3000 calories per serving (and yes it looked delicious).


  1. Down Home with the Neely's while running...LMAO. Is that even allowed?

    Just stopping by to let you know you won my contest, but I do believe I'll be following along now too. When you get a chance send me an email at runfastmommy@gmail.com and I'll send you the details. Here's the link announcing the contest winners too just FYI http://www.runfastmommy.com/2010/07/lanacane-winners.html

  2. I won! Hooray! Maybe I can wear shorts in the summer.