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Monday, July 12, 2010

I knew that didn't feel like a 10:30 pace

Week three of training was also derailed by the family visit and insane work environment. Oh well - it's still early on in training. Here's what I ended up doing for the week.

Sunday - Rest/Family time
Monday - Rest/Family time
Tuesday - two mile walk to walk off the Asian Dream cocktails that were consumed on date night with hubby
Wednesday - brought workout clothes to work but was unable to use them
Thursday - 3 mile walk/run with friends that are starting a C25K program. At least I did something
Friday - Crazy, crazy work
Saturday - almost 6 miles with the group

Saturday's long run was interesting. I was not excited about it at all so I arrived in a sour mood. There was fog outside. FOG in July does not invoke visions of a cool and mysterious run but rather it's so freakin' humid that the water droplets have combined forces to make this mist surrounding us that does not cool us off but just makes us wet. But the temps were only in the high 70's so it could have been worse. We started off and were keeping about a 10:30 pace through the first half. I felt ok during that half and enjoyed keeping pace with another gal that is a little faster than me for long runs but close enough that we can keep each other company. But at the halfway point I lost what little oomph I had and struggled through the second half. We got about 3/4 done and hit a hill and from that point forward I was in a very sour mood. But I was met by our peppy coach who forced me to pick up the pace for the last 100 yards or so (it was a good thing actually because it changed my mood entirely). I looked at my watch which said 1:03 and I just knew that we didn't go a full 6 miles because there was no way I kept the 10:30 pace for the entire run. The second half was just too sluggish plus I walked for a couple of minutes. I later learned we only went about 5.7 miles. Oh well - for a moment I had visions of finishing the half in under 2:10.

I really do aim to keep on track this week. Here's the schedule:
Monday - 3.5 miles easy (will do on treadmill)
Tuesday - cross train
Wednesday - 3.5 miles easy (indoor track or treadmill)
Thursday - speed 6x400 (treadmill)
Friday - rest
Saturday - skipping group run because I have to work
Sunday - solo long run 6.5 miles

I need to get signed up for my next two races - a 5k and 10k. I hope to run/walk the 5k with friends so I'm not going for any kind of time or PR there but the 10k will be a trial for my pace at the half. Last year I did a 10k at a 10:30 pace but since I've more recently done a 15k at a 10:15 pace I want this 10k to be under 10mm. I've got to do better on my weekly schedule if I'm going to achieve that goal.

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  1. I'm still impressed that you're aiming for 10mm! I remember when you were stoked with 11:30! LOL

    You're doing GREAT!