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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm not dead yet. Or: I did it for the cookies.

Thank God I feel better today (and no one clubbed me over the head yesterday though my husband may have been tempted).

I woke up like this:

(Make sure you sing along with the bouncing ears!)

Maybe it was just a round of really evil PMS. I did my planned 4 miles but had to break it up to make it more interesting since I was inside again. So after the first mile I would increase the incline by .5 for every .05 of a mile up to a half mile and then back down again in the same increments. It made the mile go by less tediously but did produce more sweat. The last 1.5 miles was done on the indoor track.

After that I went and did my civic duty by donating blood. I hoped I wouldn't faint since I was jumping from running to donating but I did fine and enjoyed the cookies afterwards. Mmmm chocolate chip.

Tomorrow speed work! Everything is satisfactual.

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