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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Motivational Bull

I've heard other runners make quotations such as "I didn't feel like running but I know I'd feel worse if I didn't run." As if to say there's nothing in life worse than a missed run. I understand the thinking, the motivation factor behind sayings like these but I'm here to declare to the world that some runs are just crap.

Such as Saturday's run in the heat and humidity. I had to miss last week since the husband was out of town and I also had to work that morning. Last week it was like 70 degrees in the morning and just gorgeous outside. Figures.

You know what this weekend looked like. I got out of the house and to the warm-up and was sweaty already even though I picked a spot in the shade. I stayed at the back of the group because I did not want to run at any kind of pace that would keep me somewhat close to the front. At first I was in good company but then we lost the 10k training group and I was on my own and kept getting slower and slower. At the end there was only 1 girl and the two walkers behind me. If we went a full 7 miles then my pace was right at 12 mm but it felt slower than that so maybe we were a bit short again.

I really was ticked throughout the run because they chose a route that was way more sun than shade. There's plenty of options for more shaded places so I don't know what they were thinking. I also started thinking (which actually I've been thinking for a couple of weeks) that I was paying $75 for this plan and all I was getting out of it were group runs where I ran more on my own than with a group. I mean the weekly plan I can get from Runner's World Smart Coach and there hasn't been anything else that's actually individualized for me. They've had a couple of seminars at times where I can't make it. So really, for the $ I'm not impressed at all. I could have paid $75 for a session or two with a trainer and gotten more info.

At the end the only thing that got me to finish was that I knew there were cold towels waiting. I skipped out of the post run stretches and went home to a cold shower and 3 ibuprofen. I wasn't proud that I finished the run. I wasn't glad that I kept up with the schedule - I just thought, "what a #$*&y run."

But I know some runs are crappy. Thankfully it's only some and not all. And in another month and a half it will feel great outside again. July can't last forever.

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