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Friday, July 16, 2010

Shorts are the enemy

A couple weeks back I won a free sample of Lanacane's Anti-Chaffing Gel on Secrets of a Running Mom's blog. I received it and it sat on my counter for a few days but last night I finally got around to shaving my legs and I planned on taking shorts to the rec center today to test it out.

They didn't ask me to review the product when I won it but I thought I would anyway. Because I like my own opinion. But if you also like to hear other's opinions you can read some other reviews on these blogs: Secrets of a Running Mom or from Chubby Chicks Run Too. I'm sure there's other ones out there since Lanacane seems to be on a marketing blitz.

But first here's the Haiku that helped me win (actually it was a random drawing but I'd like to think it was helped because of my wit and comedic styling):

Heat Index One-Ten
Mocked for Wearing Capri Tights
Thighs too fat for shorts

Seriously where's my book deal?

True story. I was mocked for wearing capri tights only the blogger didn't single me out - rather any female at the RC Cola Moon Pie race that wasn't wearing shorts. Now I agree that due to the heat shorts make more sense but I friggin' hate shorts while running. They ride up in the middle, I always feel like my butt is about to be exposed, and my chubby thighs rub and rub until they feel on fire. Since I've never actually tried any other anti-chaffing product (such as BodyGel or that other one that has something to do with cow udders....) this was truly an experiment.

And it was a dismal failure.

I first put on the Lanacane before going to work since I was wearing a skirt today (shaving my legs opened up a whole new wardrobe of bigger sized clothes that didn't make me feel horrifically fat) and it's hot - high 90's with humidity, LOVE THE SOUTH!

For that purpose the Lanacane worked great. I reapplied before working out. I did speed work and cursed my shorts every time I did my 1/4 mile sprints (well sprints to me). Really I was glad that there was no one behind me because I swear those shorts were flying up to show my undies whenever they weren't riding up in the middle.

But I could feel the chaffing starting so the gel didn't last the whole workout. Seeing how it was only 25 minutes and 2 miles (6x400 with short walking breaks in between and at the end to cool down) this is not enough to make me wear shorts in the summer. I'll stick to my capris and feel confident that my rear is covered and the skin doesn't rub. Thankfully I have no other chaffing issues.

But I will keep the Lanacane and use it on those hot days when I wear skirts. Like Carly at Chubby Chicks I too think that this product is better used for daily activites rather than sports.

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