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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What's more tiring?

A five mile run or taking pictures with your family?

With a cantankerous two year old and a four year old who thought the highlight of the day was lifting up the back of mommy's skirt - I think the photo shoot was the more tiring part of my day.

I haven't done quite as well in week two of training since my family (there's now 10 of us in the house) are in town. I got in one 3 mile run on Wednesday but didn't do any other cross training or speed runs. I have been very active chasing kids and keeping people entertained. So it's not like I've rested up or anything this past week.

I did make sure to join the group run today because there will already be one run I'll have to miss for work in a couple of weekends. It was a decent run. My pace is about the middle of the pack so often I'm still running alone. Today I averaged about 11 minute miles over the course of the whole run. I think I started off closer to 10 and ended at 12 though. :) The weather was much nicer today and even in the sun there was a decent breeze blowing and low humidity. So you can't ask for more on a run in July.

Immediately after the run I rushed home to shower and get kids/husband ready for family pictures with the rest of the crew that's in town. It was then that I realized that the 5 miles were the easy part of my day.

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