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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nice try but no dice

I felt bad about skipping so many training runs so I guilted myself into joining the group run today. It was more about seeing if the pain and fatigue were real or exaggerated by my brain. I know that sometimes you can run even though you feel like crap. So even though it was 80 something with humidity at 7 a.m. this morning and the group was going 9 miles I decided I'd at least try.

I started off fine. Yes, there was pain but it wasn't worse with running. But the coach decided to make us go over "the hill" (actually a bridge that's an overpass for the train) and back and then back up a real (though less steep) hill to start on the rest of the trail. After those three uphills I fell behind everyone in the group and knew I wouldn't be able to finish. So I slowed to a walk and then found a bench to sit down for a moment to cool down and slow my heart rate. I walked the mile back to my car (so my total distance this morning was about 3 miles). In retrospect I should have skipped the hill to get more distance but whatever - you run you learn.

I have an ultrasound on Thursday to check for cysts. I'm pretty sure I have one given the cramping pain and now pressure on my nerves which gives me pelvic pain as well. If it's not a cyst then I'll check into gastrointestinal problems because there's definitely something wrong/abnormal going on.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For sale

Two slightly used ovaries - $0.10 O.B.O.

32 consecutive days of cramps have sidelined me from running recently - along with other problems that seem too delicate to mention on a public blog. I have an ultrasound on the 19th but until then will not be doing too much exercise wise. I'm not too sad since it's 300 degrees outside. Thankfully I still have time to catch up on my training once we figure out what's going on.

But I hope to get back on here soon so write about my last run and the important lessons I learned about not eating jalapenos before a run. It's sage advice.